Robert E. Ehrhart


Bob began his gardening career as a youth in New Orleans.


Bob as a young man in his orchid house:


Bob began growing camellias seriously in the early 1960s.

And, he began raising camellias at his

current site in 1965, some forty years ago.


Today, Bob is among the world's premier camellia growers. 


He is a member and has held numerous leadership positions within

the Northern California Camellia Society,

the American Camellia Society and

the International Camellia Society.


Bob's garden is among the finest private camellia gardens.


Bob has excelled in camellia show competitions,

in which camellia blossoms are entered to

be judged for beauty and quality.


With a diverse collection of camellia species and a prolific garden,

Bob is a frequent winner of the Sweepstakes trophy,

awarded for the most blue ribbons won in each show.